Learning A Key Lesson

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to my new blog, today let us get started by describing some of my experiences of the past in my efforts to try and get an online business going. To be honest it’s been more like a hobby than a business.

It all began back in 2013 when I decided to learn more about how it was possible to build your own online business. Like a lot of people, I thought it was worth a shot to try and do something for myself. After being dazzled by the slick sales pages offering a quick way to make some extra cash, I decided to have a go.

Being naive, I didn’t really understand what I would be getting myself into……

I like to think that I have an open mind, therefore I am open to new ideas and always willing to try something new. Therefore getting involved in learning how to make money online was just another idea that I thought was worth taking a look at.

Back in 2013 I didn’t have a clue of how it was possible to turn your laptop into a profitable asset, I just used my laptop to play games & listen to music.

Not knowing that not all the information being offered on how to start building a business online was a little dubious, I started buying a couple of products to see if I could grab my share of this new phenomenon. It didn’t take long to understand that this “marketing” lark wasn’t as easy as it looked, of course nothing ever is, is it.

However I had got the bug and wanted to carry on learning how this remarkable opportunity could be mastered. Famous last words, trust me to be stubborn, this journey into the unknown was always going to be a challenge and at least I had got that part right.

The first part of 2013 I was just going in circles, going from one idea to another, I was getting knowhere. I then had a bit of luck, reading an article on how “mentors” was the key to learning new skills. I decided to do a search and as luck had it I came across this website which had a video with this guy who was telling me and anyone else who clicked on the page, that we were all wasting our time and money.

The video was very interesting, as he pointed out that we the “newbies” would first need to learn how to build up an audience in order for us to promote any products, let alone sell anything. He was pretty much spot on, I know I didn’t really have a clue on how I was going to actually build a real online business and I guess that was the case for many others too.

But that was not the only thing that struck me with this video, it was the first time that someone was offering to be my mentor, he promised to show me how to get started online, the start of a real online business. He was going to provided all the training on how to do that technical stuff, how to get targeted traffic, and we didn’t even have to worry about the selling, he even offered to take care of that for us, wow fantastic. Sign me up!

To be cont….

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