Online Marketing Challenge

Welcome to the Steve Denness blog,

After an set back in my personal life, my desire to build my own online marketing business is back. I am ready to give myself a challenge, “to build my own profitable online business from scratch”

My intention is to post my actions and the results of what has happened on my road to success or indeed complete failure. I have a plan inside my head, with some experience of trying to grow an online marketing business in 2013/14, with limited success I might add.

My reason for recording my efforts in this challenge is to hopefully show others who also have a desire to build a business for themselves online, that if you have the focus to succeed then it is possible to change your own lives when you take action.

To your & my own success,

Steve Denness

My internet marketing challenge ready to go

Hi Fellow marketers,

It’s taken a while to get everything ready to start my internet marketing challenge, if your wondering what the heck am I talking about, please click here to get the details.

Ok, in order to start from zero in my online biz, that’s zero sales in any products that I am going to be using in my online campaign, as well as zero people on my list, in fact the only part of my biz that has a bit of a head start is my facebook fanpage. With 54 likes on this page, it’s not going to set the world of facebook alight, not yet anyway.

For the last few weeks I have been preparing my own vision of what I hope will give me the platform to start building my internet business. So I have been busy in my spare time (I do have a full time job), now I am no writer, in fact I would say my english & grammar are not that good, but I suppose I do have the ability to put together half decent sentences.

So I decided to write my own marketing report to help me draw in leads to my email list, I wanted something that I created myself, rather than using other more estabilished materials from the marketing experts. I want to build my own biz with my own content, this way I will discover if I have learnt the right skills to be able to cut it as an internet marketer. Take a look and let me know what you think, just click here

Within the report I have highlighted the two products that I will be promoting to build my business, these are two very strong products, one of them I became a member of a couple of years ago, but unfortunately the things that have taken place within my private life, have prevented me from promoting this amazing program, thankfully I have recovered from my past, and I am now ready to promote the hell out of this program, as I do believe in this product. If your interested in a quality coaching program, that teaches you the right way on how to build your own online business then you need to read my report, here is that link again.

The other product that I will be promoting is for Resale Right products, it’s a membership website and they help marketers obtain their own products to sale online. These types of products are a shortcut for marketers who want to own their products in order to pocket all the sales, rather than take a commission. These type of products are really hot at the moment on the internet, and you too should be thinking about these types of products for your online biz. Again this site has been around for quite a while, and it has a really good reputation for quality products, check it out here and see for yourself.

Well these are the only two products that I will be relying on to getting my business off the ground, they are two very strong products that I know help people who are willing to take action and bulid their own online biz.

It is my intention to write a post at the end of every week, highlighting the ups & downs of all the activity of what has happend within my biz. What has worked or what didn’t and how can I adapt to improve for the future. This will also include any cost & any sales made. In case you were wondering, I have sold products online before, but that was only for a couple hundred bucks, & it was nearly two years ago, so I really am starting from scratch, zero, nothing, but hopefully I am going to show everyone that with the right products you can start making money online with limited resources, and bulid from there.

It should be fun, so please stick around to see what happens.

To our success,

Steve Denness